nina spa&beauty at villa jetjinda

Nina Spa&Beauty

Nina Spa&Beauty is now located at Villa Jetjinda in Bang Jo, Phuket. If you want to experience spa treatments in a different atmosphere,  you can contact Amy, our manager at the villa, and she will give you details about this opportunity.
Enjoy a day relaxing, swimming in the pool, or just keep cool at the sunbed with a glass of beer or wine. Purethai™ treatments are suitable for 5-10 people, where you can enjoy 4-6 hours, completely undisturbed.
Amy Patchare (Manager) +66 812706885
email: amy@jetjinda.com

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Nina Spa&Beauty at Villa Jetjinda
32/53 Mo.4, Ban BangjoT. Srisunthon, AM.Talang,
83110 Phuket
Please ring doorbell, or call: Phone: +66 98  054 5541
Amy Patchare (Manager) +66 81 270 6885